Bee Developement

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Check out the Videos in the Meeting Minutes Section

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Beekeeping in Tennessee

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Just found a great document on raising bees in TN. I has great information such as bee development.…/Documents/PB1745.pdf

Dickson Bee Club Best Honey 2019

posted Aug 28, 2019, 8:48 AM by John Chosay

We had our yearly tasting competition of our local honey.  There were 14 blinded samples for our members to taste.  Of that we pick the top three.  As you can see the winners were excited and happy to receive their awards.  

2019 Beekeepers Class

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A great time for new beekeeper as well as experienced ones.  This is a great way to pay your dues, learn more about bees, and to have lunch with our knowledgeable staff!

Honey Suppliers

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Honey suppliers

Member that will have honey to sell are listed above!

Honey Harvest at the Bibb Center

posted Jun 15, 2019, 6:54 AM by John Chosay

We will be doing a honey harvest at the Bibb Center.  You can see the honey harvest and purchase it fresh off the tap!  July 13th  10:00 am

Local Bee Suppliers

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This time of the year we should be thinking adding or replacing lost bees.  Some of our club members provide this service.  Below is a listing of our 2019 sellers.  Please contact them directly if interested. Plan to order early some of these vendors will run out of bees!

 Click on link for -->  Listing

Creating a Bee Friendly Landscape Workshop

posted Feb 11, 2019, 11:39 AM by John Chosay

Please checkout the event sponsored by
Cheatham County Beekeepers and Master Gardeners

Our October 27th Bee Training Class

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