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Club Wears 

Link to clothing and hats! 

Local Bee sellers

     Local Bee Suppliers Spreadsheet

Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies

      Albert Zook  page1  Page2 

      Bee Closet Store in Bon Aqua

       Maple Bend Bee Supply

       Peter Zook Bee Supply

      Mann Lake

Great Beginners Knowledge

Beekeeping in Tennessee Manual  


Kent Williams Recipe

Bucket feeding

Mapping and Registering Your Bees


Check out BeeCheck to find other bee keepers in your area!

Registering your hive

Tennessee Department of Agriculture - Apiary Registration

State resources

  Tennessee Department of Agriculture - Bees

  University of Tennessee - Bees and beekeeping

Local Apiaries

Joel White Apiaries

Williams Honey Farm

Other Regional Beekeeper Clubs

Tennessee BeeKeepers Association

Nashville Area Beekeepers Association

Columbia Area Beekeepers

At Home Beekeeping Series

Installing a Queen

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm - Installing a Package

Kelley Bees - Installing a Package

Queen Rearing

Queen Rearing Penn State (video)

An Introduction to Queen Honey Bee Development

Beekeeping: Cell Builder Basics

Queen Cell Production: Grafting and Graft-Free Methods

Wax handling

Wax Lady


Honey Bee Brood Diseases - YouTube 

   Bee Diseases & Their Control ( 

Varroa Testing and Treatment

Varroa EasyCheck - Video tutorial - 2016 - YouTube 

Alcohol Wash for Mite Control - YouTube 

         Varroa Management Honey Bee Health Coalition Tool 



Adding Pollinators 


DIY Gardening 

Teaching Kids

Bee Types